Detailed Information About EOS

As one of the popular virtual currencies, EOS is a crypto unit that does not have a centralized system. Founded in 2017, EOS was created by Dan Larimer. Dan Larimer is also known as the creator of Proof-of-stake (dPoS), STEEM and Bitshares, and is very popular in the virtual money industry. Without a blockchain-based center, EOS helps to develop and modify commercial-scale applications and thus contribute to the system. To get a more detailed answer to the What is EOS question, check out the rest of the article!

How To Buy EOS? 

Do you wonder how to buy EOS? It is actually pretty easy. The only thing you need to do is go to an Exchange system!

Meta: Do you know what is EOS system and what is EOS coin, which is the official currency of that system? Let’s have a look at it!