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Buy EOS how original from Thodex?

Thodex has stepped into the cryptocurrency sector in Turkey in 2017. Italso has full grades from its customers for customer service, which manages  to offer the highest variety of cryptocurrencies in the country.

Thodex, which has managed to become one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Turkey, values user satisfaction quite  a lot.

How to Buy and Sell Thodex Bitcoin

EOS   aprincipal  horse from Thodex? The purchase of Thodex Bitcoin  and the purchase of other cryptocurrencies  is extremely simple. First, you need to register for free on the system. After completing the membership process, you must send TL to your account to purchase cryptocurrencies from the stock exchange..  After you log in,  click Wallet  on  the side of your  profile. Then,  from the “Deposit Pull” option, when you press The Turkish Lira Deposit, a visual will come to you..  On this image,  you must submit your TL balance by creating a TL deposit request to the bank address allocated for you.

After you log in to Thodex, when you follow the market  path,  an  interface appears in front of  you. You can buy EOS on this section  with the Turkish Lira you sent to your account.


You now have different reasons to use the cryptocurrency exchange. Commissions are one of the issues of importance. When you purchase cryptocurrency over the Internet,  maker and taker commissions are applied. This system offers great advantages, especially to short-term investors.

In the long term, serious rises and declines can occur in the virtual currency market. The encrypted font currency EOS  is one of these systems. EOS is one of the  12th  most encrypted software in the virtual currency field.

Virtual Currency EOS

Virtual currencies such as Ethereum are built on the basis of ERC 20. EOS, on  the other hand, was designed as a central  application. This has contributed to the multifaceted system. Thanks to  its technology, EOS is now available for transaction support expressed in millions per second. This system, which has no  costs and no headquarters, is installed quite easily. In the background of eOS technology  is   The virtual currency  supports it with an open source system. EOS coin, which is traded in multiple exchanges  around  the world, reaches more and more people every day.


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