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Thodex Eos Coin

EOS and EOS Coin are designed  to make de  centered protocol applications scalable horizontally and vertically. It uses blockchain technology.

What is EOS Coin ?

EOS Coin has eos. With the IO Software system, it has an operating system structure on which applications can be installed. This software provides authentication,  database creation,  programming of accounts and a synchronous communication, as well as multi-CPU core programming.

In this way, it is possible to scale multiple processes with the technology created. Thanks  to the potential that I have, EOS  Coin minimizes the transaction fees of investors and users. Thus,  it works with blockchain technology in un centered applications.

Property of the EOS Coin

The EOS system is divided into two main elements of Eos Tokens  and other software software. software is similar to how computers function through operating systems. EOS both controls and uses its blockchain technology. The EOS network has launched its own official cryptocurrency, EOS Coin. software is important because it can solve problems such as scalability, speed and flexibility.

EOS was founded by in 2017. Its founder is Daniel Larimer  and still served as ceo of the company.  In June 2017, it collected   $2.5 billion in a very serious and successful amount within a year of its launch by supplying coins for the first time. Due to its use of the DPoS  Algorithm, there is no mining application in this protocol.

Buy the Eos Coin

Eos Coin purchases  are also made through Thodex.   Thodex is  a cryptocurrency exchange that trading globally both in our country and globally. With this cryptocurrency exchange, all your transactions are carried out safely; In addition,  because it has an  easy interface,  your purchases and sales are carried out simply and quickly.

The Thodex cryptocurrency  exchange, where there are many deposit methods, allows you to make transactions for a large number of cryptocurrencies such as Eos  Coin. The Thodex  Eos  Coin  offer  you an advantage.

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